The shape of the tang is known as "Nakago-Jiri". Most tangs which are "suriage" (cut off or shortened) will have "kiri" nakago-jiri. Followings are shapes of tang tips of katana swords.
* The Kurijiri is a rounded tang tip. Composed primarily of a single line. 
* Haagari is asymmetrcally round, two rounded lines are meeting at one point. Usually one line is shorter than the other.
* The Kiri is a square cut tip, it is the type of tang normally seen on swords that have been shortened. 
* The Kengyo is symmetrically pointed, its tang tip is identified by the presence of teo straight lines meeting at one point where one line is usually shorter than the other.
* Lriyamagate(katayama) is asymmetrically pointed which composed of three lines. Two of them coming to a small flat section found at the very top.


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