New customized katana for US buyer


This is a new made customized katana for a us buyer, he used our custom katana page to order this customized katana on 8th, July.


and we completed it on 11th,July, the following is the customization list:

  - HABAKI / SEPPA: H01 
  - TSUBA (Guard): HT008: Brass, flying dragon theme 
  - SAGEO (Saya Cord): G05: Coloured 
  - SAYA (Sheath): S20: Natural hualee wood+bull horn 
  - TSUKA-MAKI (handle wrap): Hineri-maki (normal wrap) 
  - SAME'GAWA (Ray skin): R004: Black 
  - ITO (Handle wrap): Silk: Dark Green (C13) 
  - BLADE TYPE: 1095 Steel Clay Tempered Blade 
  - HI (Blood Groove): NO Blood Groove






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