This katana was made for a American customer, it is Kobuse Blade (Folded steel+1095 steel), which constructed of two different kinds of steel, the core steel and the outer steel, where the core steel is wrapped with the outer steel, the core steel is harder than the outer steel. This is a custom sized sword with blade 20" and tsuka 12". We engraved skull and cross bones on blade according to the customer's picture. The handle is tightly wrapped by black genuine ray skin and black ito with Katate-maki handle wrapping. It was installed with brass dragonfly tsuba, fuchi, kashira, habaki and two black seppas.Two bamboo pegs secure the tang. This sword is Walking Dead leather wrapped saya with matching leather strap.  

Followings are the requests from the customer

• A custom Japanese Samurai Sword
• BLADE TYPE: BL21: Kobuse Blade (Folded steel+1095 steel)
• Size (blade / handle): Blade 20" Handle; Tsuka 12"(Custom Size)
• HI (Blood Groove): NO
• HAND SHARPENING: Hand Sharpened
• Blade engraving
skull and cross bones according to buyer's picture
• Tsuba: HT023 brass tsuba
SAYA (Sheath): S29: Black leather wrapped saya with strap(KOJIRI Scabbard tip) (One Semegane) (Two Obi-tori ASHHI); C15
black ito wrapping saya Like The Walking Dead
• SAGEO (Saya Cord): G01: Black
• TSUKA-MAKI (handle wrap): Katate-maki (battle wrap)
• SAME'GAWA (Ray skin): R004: Black
ITO (Handle wrap): Silk: Black (C15)
• Sword Bag (free): B07: Propitious clouds style


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