New Custom Made Tanto Sword For A US Customer


This tanto sword was made for our us customer Lance, he ordered it on 12th July, and it was completed on 24th July. The full tang blade was made of 1095 high carbon steel, and it had been clay tempered, the beautiful real hamon on the blade is also result of the differential cooling of the blade(quenching and tempering). It comes with high quality brass menuki(ornament), fuchi(sleeve), Kashira(buttcap) and habaki. The Koiguchi(scabbard mouth), Kojiri(scabbard tip) and Kurikata(knob) were made of buffalo horn. This tanto comes with a red high gloss lacquered saya(sheath). Here below are detailed information of this sword.


New Custom Made Tanto Sword For A US Customer Specifications:


Tanto Size:
Over Length: 19.9"
Blade Length: 11.8"
Handle Length:7.7"


  • Clay tempered 1095 high carbon steel
  • No bo-hi(blood groove) on the blade
  • Comes with white real rayskin(Samegawa)
  • Black synthetic silk tsuka-ito and sageo
  • Brass menuki, fuchi, Kashira and habaki
  • Buffalo horn Koiguchi, Kojiri and Kurikata
  • Double Pinned Bamboo Mekugi(peg)
  • Red high gloss lacquered saya(sheath)



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