New Custom Katana Sword For US Customer Ken


This Katana sword was ordered on 13th July by a US customer Ken, it had been completed 19th July. This katana sword was customized through our custom sword section page by Mr. Ken. This katana sword was made of folded steel, the blade was 13 times folding with 8192 layers, and it was clay tempered and hand sharpened. Generally, for custom-made sword, we will send the sword real pictures to our buyer after we finish it, once we get their confirmation, we will ship it.

New Custom Katana Sword Specifications:


- Size (blade / handle): Katana: 28 inches / 11 inches
- BLADE TYPE: Folded Steel Clay Tempered Blade 
- HI (Blood Groove): Single Blood Groove 
- Tsuba Fittings (Tsuba,Fuchi,Koshira,Menuki): HT010: Brass, dragon musashi theme 
- TSUKA-MAKI (handle wrap): Katate-maki (battle wrap) 
- SAME'GAWA (Ray skin): R004: Black 
- ITO (Handle wrap): Silk: Black (C15) 
- HAND SHARPENING: Hand Sharpened 
- HABAKI / SEPPA: H01: brass 
- SAYA (Sheath): S10: Black 
- Sword Bag (free): B01: Chinese calligraphy style 
- NOTE (write your additional requests here): AT 72 Tsuba Black Leather wrapped saya with leather strap 



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