Customized Damascus Steel Wakizashi Red Blade Japanese Sword


This is a customized Wakizashi sword for one US customer. It comes with a red color blade. The blade was made of damascus folded steel with 13 times folding to create the 8192 layers, which cast flexibility and hardness of the blade in a large degree. The blade is etched with an oxidation process to give the surface it's red color, and the long Bohi on each side of the blade, and it was engraved with "Japanese Warrior". The tsuba(guard) and menuki were made of brass with dragon design. The tang is secured into the handle with two bamboo mekugi. The saya(sheath) was engraved with Phoenix pattern. See more detailed specification:


Customized Damascus Steel Wakizashi Red Blade Japanese Sword Specifications:


  • Hand forged folded damascus steel
  • Heated treated and oil quenched blade
  • Hand polishing and sharping full tang red blade
  • Engraved with "Japanese Warrior"
  • Full Tang Blade with 2 bamboo mekugi(pegs)
  • High quality brass dragon tsuba and menuki
  • Red brown leather tsuka-ito
  • Thick black synthetic sageo
  • Yellow lacquered genuine SAMEGAWA (ray skin)
  • Very Tight Hineri-maki wrap Handle
  • Black&red high gloss finished saya(sheath) engraved with Phoenix pattern
  • Brass habaki and seppas
  • Can be fully disassembled and assembled
  • Can cut the bamboo trees(fresh),tatami or slice paper
  • Comes with a free sword bag and certificate of authenticity.




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