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Genuine Dragon Sword Chinese Jian Damascus Steel Hazuya Polish Blade Clay Tempered Sharp

The blade of this jian sword has been constructed from Damascus folded steel with Hazuya polishing. The hamon of the sword is authentic all the way up to the tip. It is folded 13 times, creating 8192 layer folded pattern (Hada). This impressive sword is fully sharpened and its tsuba, fuchi and kashira are all made of pure brass with the highest standards. Its impact resistance and durability are excellent. The scabbard and handle are made of black ebony. This sword can be used by advanced Tai Ch..


Tang jian sword chinese folded steel hand forged polishing blade sharp ebony scabbard brass fittings

The chinese sword Jian has been constructed from damascus folded steel which was folded 13 times, it has an eight-sided geometry with discernable forge folding pattern. The blade comes full tang and sharp. The scabbard is masterfully made with top quality dark ebony wood, with the wood contouring to the shape of the sword. The chape (tip) of the scabbard is handcrafted antiqued brass with exquisite flower design, other matching fittings are also made of brass. This sword jian comes with a top qu..