Chinese Jian Sword Fighting Damascus Folded Steel Red Blade Sharp Handmade

Chinese Jian Sword Fighting Damascus Folded Steel Red Blade Sharp Handmade

The Jian (剑), a narrow-blade, double-edged sword, has been respected as a gentlemen’s weapon in China. It was a great honor to accept it as a gift. Also, because of its beauty, the Jian has always been popular for use in dance. The design features of this sword Jian include its thin, double-edged blade. This product was hand forged by traditional Chinese technology. Sword blade is folded 13 times creating 8192 layers for superior strength and flexibility, and red & black color on blade surface is special treated by electroplating. The handle is made of hard wood. The scabbard is made of hard rosewood with rope wrapped and bronze fittings decorated.

Chinese Sword Offensive and Defensive Jian Damascus Folded Steel Blade Sharp Features:

  • Handmade Chinese Sword Jian (剑)
  • Damascus folded carbon steel
  • Hand sharpened, hand polished
  • Special treated red & black blade by electroplating
  • Double-edged (battle ready)
  • Hard wooden handle
  • Solid rosewood scabbard
  • Bronze tsuba (guard), ornamental fittings
  • Accessories: a free sword bag and certificate of authenticity
  • The sword stand is not included
  • Uses: Collection, self-defense, gift for friends, practice, home furnishings

Jian Size:

Overall Length: 107 cm

Handle Length: 24 cm

Blade Length: 77 cm

Blade Thickness: 0.8 cm (approx)

Blade Width: 4.5 cm (approx)

Full weight: 2.5 kg (approx)

Net weight: 1.6 kg (approx)

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