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07 Dec How to hold a samurai katana sword correctly?
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1. Lightly align the palm root depression with the tiger's mouth above the handle ridge.         2. Grasp it gently with the radian of handle. Do not hold tightly. The front hand does not touch fuchi, and back hand does not touch kashira, an..
22 May What Makes A Samurai Sword So Special
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  When we think of samurai, what is the symbol that comes to mind? Whenever there is any discussion of historical warfare and the importance of sword-fighting skills, the word “Samurai” always makes its way into the middle of the conversation. For..
17 Mar How to distinguish a real HanBon Forge sword
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1. The sword blade is full tang which is double pegged with two bamboo mekugi pins for added security, we have no rat tail tang blades. It can be fully disassembled and assembled.       2. Our sword blade is fully handmade, sharpened, and hand ..
11 Jan How to maintain a samurai katana sword?
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How to maintain a samurai katana sword?   A real Japanese samurai sword is a work of art, it must be cleaned immediately if the blade is touched. In order to preserve the wonderful qualities of your katana, you must learn how to maintain it. If yo..
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