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31 Dec What is the difference between KATANA and UCHIGATANA?
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  Katana and uchigatana are two of the most popular and well-known traditional Japanese swords. They originated in the feudal period of the area and were carried and used by warriors. Both the katana and the uchigatana have similar designs, includ..
11 Oct How to display the katana correctly?
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  No matter how active you are in martial arts, your katana will probably spend most of your time on display-it doesn't matter. A high-quality katana serves as the focal point, sparking a conversation with anyone who sees it. However, there are a fe..
18 Sep The history of Japanese Tameshigiri
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The history of sword making in Japan can be traced back to the ancient times of Japan. It paved the way for some of the most prolific swords in the world, including katana. Without Japanese swordsmanship, Japanese katana and other high-quality Japane..
11 Sep What is Iaido?
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iaitō remains one of the most popular and widely used training swords in Japanese martial arts. It is used in almost all traditional martial arts of swordsmanship style, proving its popularity. Although iaitō has a metal blade, it is still consider..
02 Sep Why the japanese sword is folded during production
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Forging a traditional Japanese sword is a methodical process that takes several days to complete. The sword-making process begins with the manufacture of steel in a large melting furnace that mixes wrought iron and pig iron. The steel is then separa..
26 Aug Why are some swords double-edged rather than single-edged?
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Traditional Japanese swords like Katana and Wakisashi are usually forged with a single blade. Of course, the blade refers to the sharp side of the blade. When using katana, Wakisashi, and other traditional Japanese swords, only one side of the blade ..
18 Aug The folding process of the japanese sword
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The katana is undoubtedly one of the most prolific and well-known swords in the world. From Asia to North America, countless people have collected this iconic sword or used it in martial arts based on swordsmanship. This is partly because of the high..
14 Aug Myths about japanese sword
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The katana is undoubtedly one of the most famous swords in the world. It uses a curved single-edged blade, which has become synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship. However, there is a lot of misinformation on the topic of katana. In this articl..
06 Aug Polishing the japanese sword
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A traditional Japanese sword is not complete because the blade has been forged, the metal has cooled, and the soil has been removed. Polishing is a key step to complete a sword.   You might think that polishing Japanese swords is a quick and simple..
27 Jul The formation of Japanese sword's hamon
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When examining authentic Japanese swords, you may find various lines, shapes, patterns, or geometric figures that extend along the length of the blade, called tempered lines or "hamon", which are a defining characteristic of traditional Japanese swor..
20 Jul The important role of Habaki
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If you look at examples of traditional Japanese swords, you may notice that many of them have a ring at the bottom, which is a relatively small component, usually only 1 or 2 inches high, while completely enclosing the blade itself. When many peopl..
23 Jun How is the bronze sword made?
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As we all know, Japanese samurai swords are currently popular swords, and most of them are made of high-carbon steel, but before the invention of high-carbon steel, iron was used to make swords. Before iron was invented, bronze was used for this pu..
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