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03 Aug The 3 components of the hilt
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The hilt is the part where the bottom of the sword connects with the blade. A sword includes more than a blade; it requires several other components found in the hilt.     Guard   The guard(Tsuba) is an elongated metal strip located between the..
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Tsukamaki (handle wrapping) is something that anyone can have a try with a little patience. First there is the core of the tsuka, a type of hard wood which is covered with the rayskin (same kawa). The ito is wrapped and twisted around the tsuka. Ito ..
27 Jun Making a tsuka (handle)
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The wood on the outside of Japanese sword tang is called the tsuka, which is used for encircling the blade tang, allowing people to carry the sword conveniently, and it is also a part of samurai sword mountings. From a piece of wood, to the design, a..
17 Mar How to distinguish a real HanBon Forge sword
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1. The sword blade is full tang which is double pegged with two bamboo mekugi pins for added security, we have no rat tail tang blades. It can be fully disassembled and assembled.       2. Our sword blade is fully handmade, sharpened, and hand ..
12 Jul knife handle's wrappings
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Most friends like the handle which wrapped by cord, not only because of its simple and appearance, but also prevent the handle from slipping in the hand. In fact, the main reason is that hand wrapped handle is the best in use feeling. Style 1:   ..
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