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Bronze was used to forge these bladed weapons long before the steel sword was invented. For centuries, bronze was actually the only metal used for forging swords and other bladed weapons. It was not until the advent of iron that swordsmiths began to ..
08 Nov Chinese sword introduction--Shuanggou jian
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  Shuanggou jian is a Chinese traditional sword used in martial arts. Also known as hu tou gou, which means "tiger head hook", it is characterized by a hook at the end, which is used by martial practitioners to trip opponents. But like other tradi..
23 Oct Chinese sword introduction-Liuyedao
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Liuyedao (柳葉刀) is a traditional Chinese sword that originated in the Ming Dynasty. It is characterized by a long and curved blade which was synonymous with other popular Chinese swords at that time. However, Liuyedao has some unique characteristics..
15 Oct What is the difference between Dao VS Jian
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Traditional Chinese swords are divided into Jian and Dao. Jian first appeared in the 13th century BC, while Dao appeared in the Song Dynasty of China (960-1279). Both types of swords have played a key role in the country's history, providing fighters..
28 May Chinese sword introduction--Zhanmadao
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As we all know, the Japanese sword is famous all over the world. In fact, countless other regions, including China, have created their own swords. Although China has produced dozens of swords throughout its history, the most prolific of them is Zhanm..
20 May Chinese traditional sword-Tai Ji Jian
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Although Japanese Katana is the most famous sword in Asia, China also produces various chinese sword, one of which is the Tai ji jian. However, this decorative sword is usually not used in combat. On the contrary, Tai ji is mainly used in Chinese mar..
14 Apr Four famous swords that really exist in Chinese history
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The history and culture contained in China for five thousand years have a long history. Whether it is spiritual culture or material culture, it is the cultural crystallization of the cohesion of human beings in the past. As time goes by, occasionally..
01 Apr An irreplaceable cold weapon in the history of Chinese swords--the plain Han sword
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In Chinese history, cold weapons have always occupied an important position. Today, although cold weapons are rarely used, they still cannot resist people’s love for them. Among them, Han Jian is the most popular cold weapon.  The Han jian, as the n..
05 Nov The most brutal cold weapons in ancient China
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Mace The mace is very heavy, and people who is not strong can't use it freely. Its lethality is very considerable, even if you can kill people through the armor.       Steel whip This is not a soft whip like a rope. The whip we are talking ab..
25 Sep Which is your favorite cold weapon in popular movies?
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Action movies are an important branch of film and TV drama, attracting a large number of fans with its fierce action, strong attack. The cold weapon is used as a percussion prop, adding a lot lustre to the film. Have you noticed those cold weapons? ..
29 Jun Han Jian Sword
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Han Jian, as the name suggests, is a steel sword that flourished in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.–220 A.D.). As the development of the iron industry in the Han Dynasty broke the limit of the length of the bronze sword, the Han jian was increasingly light..
13 Jul The making process of Hanbon Forge's Chinese Sword Jian
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The Making process of Hanbon Forge's Chinese Sword Jian         ..
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