What kind of ancient traditional weapons frightened the enemy in China?

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Tang Dao sword
Like the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dao sword is known as the peak cold weapon in the history of China's cold weapons. It features narrow and straight blade, small tsuba, long handle, excellent cutting performance. It has a great influence on the swords of the later generations.
Huan Shou Dao
Huan Shou Dao comes from the Han Dynasty with the straight blade edge, thick sword spine. The ring on the handle is designed to make the handle not easy to remove. It was known as the world's most advanced, the most lethal cold weapons.
Miaodao (苗刀)
Miaodao is a Chinese two-handed dao or saber of the Republican era, with a narrow blade with a length of 1.2 metres (47 in) or more and a long hilt. The name means "sprout saber", presumably referring to a likeness between the weapon and a newly sprouted plant. It was named Miaodao during the Republic of China, because the blade was long and shaped like a seedling. It is a famous martial arts sword and valuable cultural heritage in China.
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