Japanese Katana features many different shapes, geometry aspects, lengths and styles, the most immediately obvious configuration is the shape of the blade. Shinogi zukuri is the most common blade shape for Japanese katana swords that provides both speed and cutting power. It features a distinct yokote: a line or bevel that separates the finish of the main blade and the finish of the tip. Shinogi zukuri was originally produced after the Heian period (around 987 AD). 
As the most typical blade style ,shinogi-zukuri katana can be light target cutters, medium cutters, or heavy cutters. It also depends on the niku, thickness, and width of those certain blades.
In a sense shobu zukuri is similar to shinogi zukuri without a yokote. But if you look closer they are dramatically different in the subtle details, the lines, angles, and surfaces are very different.
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