1. Weight reduction:
The sword was used in the battlefield in ancient. If the sword is too heavy, it is not conducive to kill the enemy flexibly. 
2. Saving materials:
The ancient iron-smelting technology is backward and the steel output is extremely low. The blood grooves (BO-HI) on the sword can save the materials. The large blood grooves can save about 20% of the steel material, so that more swords can be made for the battle.
3. Maintain balance:
Ancient swords are all handmade, there may be deviations, causing the center of gravity to shift, the blood grooves can adjust the balance of the sword, the center of gravity, the weight and so on.
4. Increase strength:
The cross section of the sword which has blood grooves forms a "work" shape, which reduces the weight while ensuring strength.
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