This katana was made for a American customer, the blade of this katana was made of 1095 steel, the whole blade was fully hand forged, and it was differentiated hardened (clay tempered) and water quenched, you can see becautiful REAL hamon on the both edges. the blade was also carved dragon and Japanese Kanji (侍 武 魂).


Follow list is the requests of the customer

"- HABAKI / SEPPA: H09: brass, carved 
  - Sword Bag (free): B05: Flying dragon style 
  - NOTE (write your additional requests here): I would like for this katana to be a T10, clay tempered blade with hamon, mirrored polished sharp stone method, dragon engraving, with leopard habaki, double blood grooved. Sword needs to be strong enough and sharp to cut bamboo/paper for tameshigiri. I would also like the S13 saya 
  - Tsuba Fittings (Tsuba,Fuchi,Koshira,Menuki): HT008: Brass, flying dragon theme 
  - SAYA (Sheath): -Other: please write a note in text box below. 
  - TSUKA-MAKI (handle wrap): Hineri-maki (normal wrap) 
  - SAME'GAWA (Ray skin): R004: Black 
  - ITO (Handle wrap): Silk: Dark Green (C13) 
  - HI (Blood Groove): Single Blood Groove 
  - BLADE TYPE: 1095 Steel Clay Tempered Blade 
  - HAND SHARPENING: Hand Sharpened 
  - Size (blade / handle): Katana: 28 inches / 11 inches"