Engravings on blade-custom service

Posted by zhang 08/08/2018 0 Comment(s) Swords Buyer Guide,
HanBon Forge supplies blade engravings custom service. We can engrave Chinese characters, English letters or Japanese kanji on the blade by engraving machine, it is FREE.
We also can engrave simple logo or something else on the blade by etching. Please send the picture to us first! You need to pay an additional $20, and we need about one week to complete it. Here are some samples of blade engravings:
Want a unique sword? Feel free to contact us:
Phone: 086 13739276006
Email: sales@hanbonforge.com
Website: www.hanbonforge.com
Custom Sword Page: www.hanbonforge.com/CUSTOM-SWORDS/Custom-Your-Own-Swords

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