Customized Dragon Tsuba Katana With Kobuse Blade Rayskin Wrapped Saya 


This Katana was made for our US customer. It was a customized sword. The construction of the blade is KOBUSE. It is constructed from two different kinds of steel, the core steel and the outer steel, where the core steel is wrapped with the outer steel. The core steel is harder than the outer steel. The outer steel was made of folded steel. It was folded 13 times creating 8192 layers for superior strength and flexibility. The core steel was made of 1095 steel. The steel has been throughly refined and tempered, a special clay is applied to the blade by hand, using a thin covering near the edge and a thicker layer over the rest of the blade. The whole blade was clay tempered with real hamon. The blade has been Hazuya polished and hand sharpened. It is very sharp! Here below are detailed informations about this katana sword.


Customized Dragon Tsuba Katana With Kobuse Blade Rayskin Wrapped Saya Specifications:

  • GYAKU-KOBUSE construction Full tang blade
  • Folded steel+1095 steel blade with real hamon
  • Differentially Clay tempered and water quenched
  • HAZUYA polished with multiple grade sharpen stone
  • Dragon design brass tsuba(guard) and menuki
  • Green lacquered genuine Rayskin Samegawa
  • Black synthetic silk tsuka-ito and black thick sageo
  • Very Tight katate-maki wrap Handle
  • Green samegawa wrpped hard wooden saya(sheath)
  • Double Pinned Bamboo Mekugi(peg)
  • High quality brass habaki and Seppas
  • Can be fully disassembled and assembled
  • Can cut the bamboo trees(fresh),tatami or slice paper 
  • Comes with a free sword bag and certificate of authenticity.


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